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Haldiram's Revenue More Than McDonald's and Domino's Combined!

Haldiram's Revenue More Than McDonald's and Domino's Combined!

Eat your heart out, international brands. Haldiram's has just taken a bite out of your revenue figures. If reports are to be believed, Haldiram's revenue for 2013-2014 stands at Rs. 3,500 crore - more than the combined revenue of Domino's (Rs. 1,733 crore) and McDonald's (Rs 1,390 crore.)

That's a huge feat for a company that started as a small shop at Bikaner in 1937 and gradually forayed into Delhi in 1982. Over the years, they had massive word of mouth publicity, with everyone applauding them for great tasting food, standardised taste across all outlets and for maintaining a high level of hygiene.

For the company, diversification also led to success. Currently, the company makes its presence felt all over India - there's Haldiram's Manufacturing in North India, Haldiram's Foods, which caters to West and South India and Haldiram's Bhujiawala in East India.

Odd as it may sound, the company is not looking to bring in innovative changes any time soon. This is due to the simple fact that they don't want to mess with their age-old recipes. They say they want to preserve and maintain the same great taste for future generations. Another great point that goes all for them.

The company also attributes their success to backstage operations. Everything is made in-house, supervised by family-led teams.

While operations, management and city-to-city expansions might be the same for Haldiram's and other international brands, it's amazing to see how they couldn't hold a candle to this Indian snack giant. It just goes on to show that popularity of foreign culture cannot beat a good Indian product. Moreover, with increasing concerns surrounding junk food, Haldiram's might just have won another round too.